“Allie is a package deal; she is beautiful, charismatic, knowledgeable, curious, and caring. A sensual guide unpacking your desires without judgement. Allie is very communicative and checks in frequently. It’s hard to not have an amazing and memorable experience with her.”
⁃TransMask, 2019

“Allie is an incredible unique person in so many ways.  She is so sexually knowledgeable and comfortable to be around that I learned things about myself during the time we spend together.  The best way to describe it is – deeply blissful.  Im proud to call her my friend and always look forward to seeing her, which- if you’d like to do, I wouldn’t wait.  Once the world discovers her, she will be a huge star.” – RockStar, NYC, 2018.

“To give you an idea of what she’s like, Allie as you may know, is 6’3” and I, am a modest 5’7”.  Yet after a few minutes sitting on the couch talking, it was the furthest thing from my mind although that could have been because of her beauty.” – FingerGod, NYC, 2018.

I didn’t know I needed a porn star in my life until the day I met Allie. I was going through a bit of a rough patch both sexually and emotionally. She brought experiences to my life I didn’t know were possible.” – Obsessed, LA, 2017.