Are there two of you? I would be delighted to entertain you both! I have a two-hour minimum for couples with an additional $200/hour.

Queer and/or Trans and/or a fellow Provider? 

Amazing! Let me know how I can best accommodate your needs and help you feel safe and comfortable. This might include sharing your pronouns, language you use to describe your body or just letting me know if this is a new experience for you.

What services do you offer? 

Glad you asked! I’m a very open-minded kinda gal. I derive pleasure from your satisfaction, and would be happy to make your fantasy come true.

Are you available now? How about now?

I am a very busy lady! Therefore I only accept bookings made at least 24hours in advance. I also prioritize longer engagements, such as dinner dates and dates involving an activity. Your best bet is to complete my booking form with your location and desired date details — these detailed inquiries get the quickest response from me. The more information I get from you upfront, the easier it is to arrange a rendezvous.

Do you have any friends that could join us? 

Absolutely! I am very queer and love group dates. I rarely travel alone.

What about just drinks, dinner, or ‘sugar’ dating?

I’d love to go out with you! For social dates out I ask for $150/hour.

Can I use you as a reference?

Yes, I offer references via email. If I have seen you once, I will vouch for you once; if I have seen you twice, I can vouch for you twice, and so on. References beyond that will incur a $40 fee.

May I review you?

If you enjoyed our time together, feel free to email me a testimonial to post on my website. I welcome testimonials that respect the sanctity of our time together.

Will you see me even though ____________?

Yes! I only care that you are safe and respectful.

Being safe and respectful encompasses a few things:

  • Respecting my time, boundaries, policies and welfare
  • Behaving with discretion
  • Communicating clearly, avoiding sending mixed messages, and contacting me only when you are ready to schedule an appointment
  • Submitting your screening info (and a deposit, if required) from the get-go, without me having to nag you for it
  • Being punctual

If you have a medical condition, disability or other factor that will have a bearing on our time together, simply let me know when you book and I will be thrilled to accommodate.

What is your cancellation policy?

I do enforce a simple cancellation policy. If you cancel on me within 2 hours before our booking, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the total fee. This fee will need to be paid before I will arrange a booking with you again.

For our date, can I make a request around your outfit, shoes, etc.?

Yes! I have a wide-ranging wardrobe and I’m happy to take requests around my wardrobe and grooming. My personal style is feminine, fun, and hip, and I love dressing up. I often get requests for casual outfits (e.g. jeans) — and I’m happy to oblige.

I can’t see you in person, but I think you’re cool. How can I show my appreciation from afar?

Thanks! I think you’re pretty cool too. Here are a few ways:

  1. Join my Members Only site — you’ll support my independent creations and enjoy some nifty smut.
  2. Buy me a gift or virtual gift card
  3. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @cummanifesto